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Solar Energy  Integrated Solar Street Light, Solar Panels



Energy is one of the most fundamental components of our universe. Energy has come to be known as a `strategic commodity’ and any uncertainty about its supply can threaten the functioning of the entire economy, particularly in developing economies. A Nation’s substantial and sustained economic growth forces enormous demand on its energy resources. The demand and supply imbalance in energy sources is pervasive, requiring serious efforts by Governments to augment energy supplies as States face possible severe energy supply constraints. Energy requirement in our country is increasing at a very rapid rate. Achieving energy security in this strategic sense is of fundamental importance not only to our Nation’s economic growth but also for the human development objectives that aim at alleviation of poverty, unemployment and meeting the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Holistic planning for achieving these objectives requires quality energy that is able to address the issues related to energy demand, energy poverty and environmental effects of energy growth.

Photovoltaics, and other renewable energy technologies, can significantly contribute to economic and social development. There are areas in our countries that still do not have access to electricity or to clean water, primary health care, education and other basic services, all of which are largely dependent on access to electricity. We, at BSS-SOLAR are mobilizing our efforts to give quality power from renewable energy.

In India Power Shortage has been identified as a major hurdle in our process of development. The best available source of clean energy at an economic pricing would be Solar Energy. Hence solar energy would be the power of the future. The best solution to the power crisis would be saving power, as saving is much more economical than power generation. This mission emphasizes on saving power through the use of solar energy and by providing Solar solutions to 5 lakhs household across India and also by saving power through elimination of transmission losses. Moreover this mission envisages a programme where in no cost will have to be spend on infra structure. At the same time it would provide thousands of employment opportunities throughout the Nation.

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