About Us

MeaTech (Measurement Technologies) is focused on providing professional, friendly, and reliable service in the supply of equipment, services and advice to people involved with environmental data, laser scanning, mining solutions, alignment solutions, surveying solutions and wind LIDAR. Also, we provide our staff with an equal opportunity workplace to expand their professional expertise and to obtain maximum work satisfaction, in a friendly and healthy working environment.

Our Capabilities

MeaTech specialises in all aspects of surveying, laser scanning, mining solutions, hydrology & water quality services, meteorology, and environmental data collection. We supply instrumentation, data acquisition equipment and processing software. We also provide data collection services, storage and interpretation of data as well as system design installation and commissioning, operation and maintenance, and information processing and analysis.

Equipment & Software Supply

We provide all equipment and software for complete systems, including scientific-grade instrumentation and data loggers. Systems may include sensors, data acquisition, telemetry, data processing software, or data reporting as required. MeaTech imports a wide range of internationally renowned, high quality and cutting-edge equipment from well-known manufacturers and suppliers. We currently represent the following major suppliers in India

  • Onset Computer Corp ( USA )

  • Sutron (USA)

  • OTT (Germany)

  • DMT ( Germany )

  • Riegl ( Austria )

  • Paroscientific ( USA )

  • ZXLidars ( UK )

  • EoSense ( Canada )

  • Walz ( Germany )

  • Falker ( Brazil )

  • West Systems ( Italy )

  • SDEC ( France )

  • PSI ( Czech Republic )

  • Kipp & Zonen ( The Netherlands )

  • Holland Scientific ( USA )

  • Ecomatik ( Germany )

  • MRC ( Izrael )

  • Eureka Waterprobes ( USA )

Technical Services

We provide qualified technical support for all the equipment and software we supply. Our proactive R&D Division customizes products and develops unique and highly competitive environmental monitoring tools for effective resource management. We are also a certified calibration service centre for Suton based weather stations and related equipment.

We are a privately owned company under partnership that operates on a customer base built up over more than 100 man years of trading in the related field. MeaTech is a provider of measurement and monitoring equipment and services in India, with branches in Delhi, Gurgaon, Kolkata, Chennai, Trivandrum and Bangalore with permanent staff of 20. Included in this number are both professional and technical staff members with many years of combined experience in hydrology, meteorology, instrumentation, surveying, software and electronics.

Creating a blend of expertise and locality enables us to cater to a range of applications, and be a solution provider for many spheres of activity throughout the country. The company operates in a corporate environment.

MeaTech has also made a significant investment in information management systems to assist with the management and regular maintenance of site based equipment. We maintain strong connections with other professionals in the field, and attend various conferences and user group forums annually.

System Design and Installation

MeaTech provides professional advice on site selection and system components, with customised solutions and software available to fit a range of requirements. We are able to provide full installation and commissioning services, including the design and installation of fully certified wind and meteorology stations with masts which range from 3m to 80m in height. Other services that the company provides include a fully equipped service and repair workshop, holding a range of repair and calibration equipment. The company also holds signed maintenance contracts for private and public sector clients in the fields of laboratory equipment maintenance and traffic counting services.

Data Collection and Reporting

We are able to retrieve data from a range of monitoring stations and run analyses using specialised hydrological, traffic and meteorological processing software to generate reports to meet customer requirements. MeaTech also carries out field data collection including stream gauging and water quality sampling, as well as automated data collection and data reporting from telemetered sites.